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白い虹 2007年北極(日本語版)

白い虹 2007年北極 / The White Rainbow - Warning from the Arctic 2007「2007年北極の氷は激変の年を迎える。」日本に、こう訴える研究者がいた。海洋研究開発機構の島田浩二博士だ。アメリカ、カナダ、日本の科学者たちは、彼の予測を確かめるべく砕氷船で、2007年7月、北極海カナダ海盆へと向かった。そこには、かつて頑強な氷で覆われた北極海の姿はなく、巨大な海面が随所に開いていた。


いくつもの調査地点で、例年にない異常現象や水温データーを記録。 砕氷船が、どこまで北上しても、1年氷と呼ばれる薄い氷が続いた。雪は一度も降らず、雨が降る。そして調査海域の最北端、北緯80度の氷までもが溶けていた。そして、取材班は、氷が溶け大きく開いた海面で、不思議な「白い虹」に何度も遭遇した。



カナダ海洋研究所 カナダ海上保安庁
ウッズホール海洋研究所 アラスカ大学 シシマレフ村


価格:¥6,480(本体価格¥6,000) 60分 DVD


The White Rainbow – Warning from the Arctic 2007
(English Version)

白い虹 2007年北極 / The White Rainbow - Warning from the Arctic 2007"The amount of sea ice in the Arctic will diminish drastically in the summer of 2007." This was a prediction made by Dr. Koji Shimada, a scientist from the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology. It is July 2007, and a Japanese film crew joins a team of scientists from Canada, the U.S. and Japan aboard a Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker. They set off for the Arctic's Canada Basin and find Dr. Shimada's prediction to be alarmingly accurate. They encounter not the ice-covered Arctic they had once known, but unsettlingly expanses of open water.

One cause of sea ice reduction is the inflow of warm Pacific water through the Bearing Strait. The Pacific waters dramatically increased in temperature in 1997. Since then, sea ice in the Canada Basin has continued to melt in the summer, but fails to expand in winter, creating a mechanism that may lead too the ice's demise.

No matter how far north the icebreaker goes, most of the ice is thin and no more than a year old. Ice is found melting even near the North Pole. The data the scientists collect indicate many irregularities. And where the film crew finds sea ice melting in large areas of open water, they spot a mysterious "white rainbow."

Water from the Pacific is not only hindering ice formation, it is also leading to severe erosion of the Alaskan coast, destroying homes of Inuit villagers. The film crew visits the Inuit village of Shishmaref, scheduled for relocation because the ground is literally being washed out from under their homes.

The documentary brings a human face to the tragedy of global warming.

With Cooperation from:
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
Institution of Ocean Science (Canada)
Canadian Coast Guard
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (USA)
Canadian Ice Service
International Arctic Research Center


Price:6,480yen (including tax \480) 60min. DVD
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